• Education

    Our workshops deliver education and information to secondary schools across Ireland. Parents, teachers or students can request a workshop!

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  • Support

    Our workshop leaders are college and university students who have been in this situation just years before and know exactly what it feels like.

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  • Acceptance

    Shoutout workshops build understanding for people who are struggling with their sexuality and foster support amongst friends and classmates.

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Why It Matters…

The ShoutOut survey of 624 secondary school students shows that bullying of LBGTQ teens in school is almost universal:

  • 67

    67% of all students witnessed homophobic or sexuality-based bullying in school.

  • 49

    49% of LBGTQ students experienced homophobic bullying in school.

  • 99

    Of the LGBTQ students who witnessed or experienced bullying, 99% was verbal bullying, 30% was cyber bullying, and 18% was physical bullying.

  • LBGTQ?

    • L = Lesbian
    • B = Bi-sexual
    • G = Gay
    • T = Transgender
    • Q = Queer or Questioning
  • What Students Want:

    of all students surveyed

    felt secondary schools did not provide enough information and support around sexuality issues.

  • What Students Say:

    ‘I would have loved it if someone came to my school to speak to the students about being gay so it wouldn’t seem so threatening to the straight guys. People attack what they don’t understand…’

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